Directed by: Milko Lazarov
Bulgaria,Germany, France 2018
96 Min  | Yakut | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

A minimalist, almost documentary, slice of life, shot in the vast, snow-covered wide open wastelands of the North Pole, Milko Lazarov's film offers what may be the purest love story of the year, between two old people, living on their own, many miles away from any other human beings, having weathered together many a storm, huddled in their yurt, remaining faithful to old traditions and longing for the return of their daughter Ága, who has left them years ago due to a family feud. Alone in the wilderness, Nanook and Sednalook are almost like the last people on Earth. But their traditional way of life is changing, though they don’t quite understand why. Hunting becomes more and more difficult, the animals around them dieinexplicable deaths, the ice has been melting earlier every year. Their only connection to the outside world is a young man, Chena, who visits them regularly, and brings them news of Ága. When Sedna's health deteriorates, Nanook decides to fulfill her wish; he embarks on a long journey to find Ága.

Screening attended be the director and  producer: Milko Lazarov, Veselka Kiryakova

MILKO LAZAROV – was born in Bulgaria in 1967. He studied cinema at the Theatre and Film Academy in Sofia, and taught there later. After several documentary films, he screened his first fiction feature, ALIENATION (2013), at the Venice Days and ÁGA was one of the gala presentations at this year's Berlinale Festival.

Director and Screenplay:
Milko Lazarov
Mikhail Aprosimov, Feodosia Ivanova, Sergei Egorov, Galina Tikhonova
Courtesy by:
Beta Cinema