"One Film and then Another" - a tribute to leading directors who visited or whose work was previously exhibited in the Arava.

A unique tribute that forms the core of this year's artistic program will focus on the films of leading directors whose works were screened in the Arava, usually in the presence of the creators. Leading filmmakers who journeyed to the heart of the desert, for exclusive outdoor screenings, under the starry skies of the Arava.

Each of the films screened is connected as part of the program to another film by the same director, from a previous period in his work, which brings another aspect of his artistic work.

Thus, from the composition of "One… and then Another" from the works of every director, and "One and many more" by some of today’s greatest filmmakers, emerges a unique mosaic of quality films and cinematic creations that continue to be relevant both as works of art and culture that exhibit and shape those displayed in them.


List of directors and films:

Sergei Loznitsa - A Gentle Creature, Donbass + A Night at the Opera 

Thomas Vinterberg - The Celebration, The Hunt

Hirokazu Koreeda - Shoplifters, Still Walking  

Cristian Mungiu - 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Graduation 

Andrey Konchalovskiy -  The Postman’s White Nights, Dear Comrades 

Arnaud Desplechin -  Kings and Queen, My Golden Years 

Boris Khlebnikov - KoktebelArrhythmia 

Andrey Zvyagintsev - Loveless, The Return 

Dagur Kári - Noi AlbinoiFúsi 

Runar Runarsson - SparrowsVolcano