Big Cats
Directed by: Rona Segal
Israel 2018
20 Min  | Hebrew | subtitles in English

Yehuda Har’el is a veteran student of Israel’s desert leopards (panther pardusnimr). Their Israeli population is believed to have become extinct long since, but he keeps hoping for their return. Recently Har’el has discovered the tracks of a new leopard and he intends to go in search of the new arrival. However, Har’el is 80 years old, and his son is vehemently opposed to this latest adventure.

RONA SEGAL – Director and Screenwriter. Writer of the feature SIX TIMES and television series SCREENS, director of young adult series, is developing some fiction film and online projects.  

Director and Screenplay:
Rona Segal
Gdalya Besser, Zohar Strauss, Rachel Dobson, Tinker Shiray
Courtesy by:
Golden Cinema Production