Directed by: Ömür Atay
Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria 2017
103 Min  | Turkish Subtitles in Hebrew, English

Seventeen-year-old Yusuf returns to his family after four years in jail, uneasily reuniting with his mother, his despotic uncle, and above all, with his older brother Ramazan. The act that put him in prison remains unspecified for a significant part of the film, but weighs heavily on everyone’s conscience, though it obviously affects each member of the family differently. Dispatched to keep an eye on the uncle's motel in the middle of nowhere, tortured by memories and chained down by the rigid traditions of his people which seem to dictate his life, Yusuf will finally rebel against the rules and customs imposed on him by everyone around. Carefully disclosing details of the situation to his viewers a little at a time, first time director Ömür Atay unfolds a family tragedy that forever disrupts relations between its individual members. It is up to Yusufto choose between blood ties and tradition on the one hand, and what he feels is morally right on the other.    

Screening attended by the Director, producer and actors: Omur Atay, Funda Odemis, Caner Sahin, Gozde Mutluer

Ömür Atay graduated Istanbul’s Marmara University Film Department,  He directed several prize-winning shorts before becoming primarily a TV director of such shows as ATV’s “Bir Istanbul Masali,” Star TV’s “Guldunia,” and “Ask” for Kanal D. He also helmed a segment of portmanteau pic “Istanbul Tales,” which in 2006 won prizes at festivals in Turkey and abroad.BROTHERSis his first feature film.

Director and Screenplay:
Ömür Atay
EgeYazar, Caner Sahin, Gozde Mutluer
Courtesy by:
Atay Film