Directed by: Muzaffer Ozdemir
Turkey 2011
76 Min  | Turkish | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

This is the directorial debut of Muzaffer Ozdemir, the Cannes award-winning lead actor of Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Distant/Uzak (2002). In many respects a personal film, it’s the story of an architect, Dogan, pessimistic and neurotic, who falls ill while camping out of town in the company of his friends. His doctor advises a break in his professional activities and recommends traveling away from Istanbul to a calm and quiet place. Longing for his homeland, Dogan decides to visit, at least for a few days, the town of his childhood. But not even the peacefully pastoral countryside has managed to escape the homogenizing concrete web cast by the modern technological capitalistic age inimical to the Earth. Made in 2011, when industrial projects all over Turkey threatened to destroy much of its natural beauty, this is one of the films which displayed this beauty in all its glory and expressed the exasperation of all ecologists at its destruction, though sadly enough their protest fell mostly on deaf ears.   

Screening attended by the director

Muzaffer Ozdemir became internationally famous after winning a Best Acting Award in Cannes for Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Distant/Uzak (2002). He also played in Ceylan's earlier two films, Kasba/The Small Town (1997) and Clouds of May (1999). He studied geology at University but he was far more interested in making films. An acting career was not an option until he met Ceylan, and following the Cannes awards ceremony he stated that if anything, the prize should have been awarded to the film and not to an actor, adding he had no intention of becoming a professional actor. One of his main hobbies is restoration of historical buildings.

Director and Screenplay:
Muzaffer Ozdemir
Kanbolat Gorke Arslan, Muzaffer Ozdemir, Muhammet Uzuner
Courtesy by:
Muzaffer Ozdemir