Of Horses and Men
Directed by: Benedikt Erlingsson
Iceland 2013
81 Min  | Icelandic | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

One of themost clever, successful and delightful Icelandic movies of recent years, the film was Iceland's entry for the 2013 Best Foreign Language Oscars and was awarded Best Film at the Tromsø Film Festival in Norway. In his debut feature, Benedikt Erlingsson closely observes life in aremote Icelandic valley, where there isn't much to do except watch the horses, the neighbors, and the neighbors' horses –employing binoculars. The stallions and mares,undisturbed, go about the business no one else in the valley dares to even talk about: love. However, there is love and fellowship among some of the valley dwellers. Kolbeinn (Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson) and Solveig's (Charlotte Bøving) attempts at love are constantly followed by all the valley dwellers. The lightly inebriated Vernhardur (Steinn Ármann Magnússon)makes a name for himself on a Russian fishing vessel with the sailor Gengis (Kash Erden Baater). Grimur (Kjartan Ragnarsson) and Egill (Helgi Björnsson) often disagree about their riding routes, Grimur preferring the classic routes on horseback, while Egilllikes riding through rough terrain on his tractor. Jóhanna (Sigríður María Egilsdóttir) encounters an injured old manone day.And the religious Juan Camillo (playing himself) seeks God. All share a love for their horses, and eventually they come to better understand each other.

Benedikt Erlingsson was born in Iceland. He is a director of theatre, television, and film. He has directed the short films Thanks (2007), and Naglinn(2008), and the feature Of Horses and Men (2013). Waman at War (2018) is his latest film.

Director and Screenplay:
Benedikt Erlingsson
Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Charlotte Bøving, Steinn Ármann Magnússon, Kash Erden Baater, Helgi Bjornsson, Kjartar Ragnarsson, Sigriður María Egilsdóttir, Juan Camillo
Courtesy by:
Icelandic Film Centre