Directed by: Asaf Saban
Israel 2020
32 Min  | Subtitles in English

Ali, a young Palestinian, comes to Israel for a home visit after a long absence.
Following a cold welcome, he decides to seek peace for a few days in the desert of Sinai, Egypt, before he will have to deal with the harsh return to the place he has left behind.
After telling one little lie on the way, Ali finds himself embroiled in an unexpected identity crisis on the beautiful beaches of Sinai.

Asaf Saban is a film director and writer.
His short films were screened at major film festivals and received awards.
‘Outdoors’ (Bayit Bagalil), 2017, his debut feature film, is an indie project which he also produced. The film received rave reviews when it was distributed in Israeli cinemas with a surprising commercial success

Director :
Asaf Saban
Nayef Hammoud, Asaf Saban
David Rudoy
Gal Rosenbluth
Ala Dakka, Roni Koren, Uriah Horesh, Amit Romano, Noam Karmeli, Sahel Aldbsan, Shalev Gelber