Peaches & Cream
Directed by: Gur Bentwich
Israel 2019
92 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

The story of a neurotic film director, whose fears of failure, death, and losing control all surface on the night his new film is released. The urge to expose his film to the whole world and his obsession with the film’s failing distribution campaign create an unforgettable at least for him and his band of eccentric friends. Gur Bentwich stars and directs in his fourth feature film, an existential comedy about the great efforts we all go through to control reality, outwit death, and make some sense of the journey. The film won the award for best script at the 2019 Jerusalem Film Festival.

Screening attended by the director

Gur Bentwich studied film at Tel Aviv University. He has directed three feature films (including the Cult classics “Blue Planet” and “Total Love”), two documentaries, and more than a few shorts, clips, and television series. Bentwich has also appeared in the films of others and even won the Wolgin award at the Jerusalem Film Festival for the main role in “Off White Lies”. He and his partner, Maya Kenig, who appears alongside him in “Peaches and Cream” and edited the film, live in Tel Aviv.

Director and Screenplay:
Gur Bentwich
Guy Raz
Maya Kenig
Gur Bentwich, Maya Kenig, Dover Koshashvili, Alon Aboutboul, Hadas Ben Aroya, Tzahi Grad, Ester Rada, Yuval Scharf, Tinkerbell
Courtesy by:
Lev Films, Tel Aviv