A project aimed at producing short films inspired by the landscapes of the Negev and Arava regions. Firstly, a group of young directors is brought to tour the area, receive an impression of its vistas, people and atmosphere, and be inspired to write a script. A month and a half later, the scripts are handed in; three are chosen and their production begins. The finished films make their debuts at the upcoming edition of the Arava IFF.

The "Shorts in the Desert" project will continue next year, and will be open for any filmmaker who has directed a feature film. During the festival, we will be hosting some 20 filmmakers as part of "Shorts in the Desert 6".

Project producers: Eyal and Tinker Shiray. The project is funded by the Israeli Film Fund, Gesher Fund, Middle Arava Regional Council and the Jewish Agency's Arava-Australia Partnership

2018 Films