The Dive
Directed by: Yona Rozenkier
Israel 2018
92  Min  | Hebrew | subtitles in English

Yona Rozenkier’s semi-autobiographical family drama, in which he assumes one of thethree leads, the other two played by his real life brothers, presents a microcosm of present day Israel’s many fault-lines, conflicts and crises.The story follows three brothers, who following the death of their father, come back to the kibbutz where they were born and raised: Yoav (Yoel Rozenkier), who left the kibbutz to live in the big city, his elder brother Itai (Yona Rozenkier), who stayed on the kibbutz with his parents, and the youngest, Avishai (Micha Rozenkier), recently enlisted, and about to be deployed with his unit and join the Second Lebanon War. Itai, the eldest, is devoted to the national values he was raised on; Yoav is still traumatized by his Army experiences, while Avishai is panicked by the idea of facing the enemy on the front lines. The brothers must overcome their differences, which erupt again and again as they clash over questions of loyalty to one's country, of family and sexual identity, to join forces and carry out their deceased father's last wish that they deposit his ashes in an undersea cave.

Screening attended by the director and the actors

Screening attended by the director


Writer – Director. 37, Born and raised in kibbutz Yehiam in 1981. Graduated from The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at the Tel Aviv University. His 2nd feature script Decompression (Financing) won the 1st prize of the Sam Spiegel Lab 2016, was in Cannes Atelier 2017, and won the Yapimlab award in Jerusalem Pitch-Point at JFF 2017. Writer and Director of Raz and Radja, (short, 2012). Part of WATER, an Israeli-Palestinian film project, which opened the Venice FF- critics’ week, Busan, Mostra Sao Paulo, Clermont Ferrand, Santa Barbara and more. Writer and Director of Bugs on a Helmet (short, 2011). Festivals: Shanghai IFF, Rome IFF, Winner of the Merit Awards in the Best Short Competition in La Jolla, CA and more. Co-writer Till Day’s End (short, 2014). Festivals: Shanghai IFF (winner best short), Jerusalem IFF, Clermont Ferrand, Plus Camerimage IFF Poland and more. Creator of fully financed 40 episodes TV Series for Israeli cable TV, HOT. The Dive is Yona’s debut feature film.  

Director and Screenplay:
Yona Rozenkier
Yoel, Micha and Yona Rozenkier
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