The Sisters Brother
Directed by: Jacques Audiard
United States | France 2018
121 Min  | English | Subtitles in Hebrew

Based on Canadian author Patrick deWitt's award-winning novel, The Sisters Brothers tells the knockabout story of two notorious assassins, Eli and Charlie Sisters (John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix). Tough, unscrupulous and cynical, the paircriss-cross the Far West at the height of the Gold Rush of 1851, chasing the crooks who dared cheat their fearsome boss, the Oregon City crime lord Commodore(RutgerHauer),and making sure they will never cheat again.  Dispatched to kill one Hermann Kermit Warm (Riz Ahmed), a prospector suspected of having betrayed the almighty Commodore, the brothers ride across mountains and plains all the way to San Francisco, encountering on their way everything from witches and bears to a madam who owns a town and commands a murderous army of fur trappers, and a detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) tracking the same peculiar man they are. French director Jacques Audiard took this colorful suspense story and shot it in Spain and Romania, both of which never looked more like America on screen. The film got a Best Director's Award at the Venice Film Festival 2018.

JACQUES AUDIARD – the son of famous scriptwriter and filmmaker Michel Audiard, he became instantly famous with his first film, "See How They Fall" awarded a Cesar for best 1994 debut. A writer-director reputed for his talent at jumping genres with undiminished success, he is a favorite of the Cannes Film Festival, wherehe got a Grand JuryPrize for "The Prophet" (2009) and a Palme d'Or for "Dheepan" (2015). Some of his other films include "A Self-Made Hero" (1996), "On My Lips" (2001), "My heart Skipped a Beat" (2005) and"Rust and Bones" (2012).

Director and Screenplay:
Jacques Audiard
Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly, Jake Gyllenhaal,Riz Ahmed
Courtesy by:
Lev Cinemas