Winged Migration
Directed by:  Jacques Perrin, with Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats
France 2001
89 Min  | Frence | sutitles in Hebrew, English

Shot over a period of four years, this documentary follows several species of migratory birds, traveling several hundreds - sometimes even thousands - of miles toward the equator in the autumn, and returning back to the north in the spring, to spend the summer there. They always take the same route, using the natural compasses of the universe, the stars, to find their way. Crossing over seas and oceans is particularly difficult as the birds have little refuge unless there is something floating on the water, such as a ship, to land on to rest. Otherwise they must continue flying until they reach land. Some will never survive the journey, falling prey to predators, including man, illness or injury. Although the migrations themselves are done as a community, once the birds reach their respective summer and winter homes, they disperse into family units. And every continent is affected by the migration as every continent is home, at least part of the year, to a species of migratory birds.

Watching the breathtaking wildlife and scenery on the big outdoor screen, surrounded by desert on all sides, is a unique cinematic experience, recommended for both adults and children.

Jacques Perrin first became famous as a leading man in romantic roles such as "La Ragazza con la Valigia" and "Cronaca Familiare" in which he played Marcelo Masgtroianni's brother. In Costa Gavras's "Z" he not only played in front of the camera but was also one of the producers, the first in a series of over 50 films, many of them, but not all, highly appreciated documentaries. He is best remembered as the adult Salvatore in "Cinema Paradiso".


Director and Screenplay:
Jacques Perrin, with Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats
Courtesy by:
Galatee Films