Woman at War
Directed by: Benedikt Erlingsson
Iceland, France, Ukraine 2018
101 Min  |  Icelandic | Spanish | English | Ukrainian | sutitles in Hebrew, English

Here comes another social satire by one of Iceland's most biting and committed filmmakers, dealing this time with the destruction of Iceland's natural heritage by the industrial developers invading it. The protagonist, Halla, a choir master who loves her job, has just been informed she's been approved to adopt a child from a war-torn area in Ukraine, a long-time dream of hers. But Halla is not just a musician, she is also an eco-terrorist, pledged to stop the proliferation of heavy industry, which has been ruining Iceland's rugged landscape, abetted by unscrupulous politicians. Dubbed the Mountain Woman, Halla soon becomes the scourge of the aluminum industry and is determined to see things through, though she is not quite sure whether saving hypothetical lives in the future is more important than saving one actual life, that of a little girl waiting for her somewhere in Central Europe.

Benedikt Erlingsson was born in Iceland. He is a director of theater, television, and film. He has directed the short films Thanks (2007), and Naglinn(2008), and the feature Of Horses and Men (2013). Woman at War (2018) is his latest film.

Director and Screenplay:
Benedikt Erlingsson
Halldora Geierharosdottir
Courtesy by:
Beta Cinema