These are unprecedented times and therefore we would like to first and foremost thank you for your trust in the "Arava Desert Film festival”.

This year has been and still is a complex one for all of us and for all film festivals in Israel and around the world. During this year, many festivals have been postponed or even cancelled. Despite these challenging times, we anticipate holding our festival according to schedule, subject to the relevant regulations.

The uniqueness of the Arava Desert Film festival over the years is also its advantage in the current reality – an open-air festival in the desert. Of course, adjustments are required, and as an island of normality in this new reality, we anticipate holding the event which will include meetings with the creators.

We are looking at different outlines for the festival.

The preferred option is for the festival to take place in the same format as in previous years and for the screenings to take place at their regular location.

We are also preparing for the possibility that we will have to change the nature of the event and move to an alternative location in which we will set up drive-in screenings in the desert area, near ”Zuqim”.

We believe we will be able to hold the event and adhere to the relevant regulations.

Producing a festival in the current reality has a budgetary aspect that we must take into account, so we turn to you with an offer to become our partners in promoting the festival, and assist us through financial support, designed to enable us to produce the event.

 What are we asking for?

Purchase accommodation packages and secure your place at the festival and place an additional donation according to your means.

Feel free to support us as much as you can:

2,500 NIS / 5,000 NIS / 10,000 NIS / or more

We will give you our thanks and your support as partners in the production of the festival will be publicly noted.

For questions and additional details, please feel free to contact us

Eyal Shiray - Festival founder and Director 050-8631092