My Father My Lord
Directed by: David Volach
Israel 2007
75 Min  | English subtitles

Film director David Volach’s first full-length film is a low-budget production and was shot in just eight days of filming. Immediately on release in 2007, the film won fantastic reviews from critics, and was even described as the best Israeli film ever made. The film won first prize at the prestigious Trabika Film Festival alongside other awards and was commercially successful in Israel and abroad.

The film tells the story of a devout Ultra Orthodox (Haredim) family with an only son, who goes on vacation at the Dead Sea. It is an intimate and poetic journey into the protagonist’s world, the pious and believing Rabbi Avraham, played by actor Assi Dayan, who some say is his greatest appearance on the screens, and the wishes of those who follow him - his wife and son.

The film allows a rare glimpse into the devout and austere Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox culture and into the depths of the soul that seeks to continue to believe unreservedly and independently of the tests that stand in its way. In an odyssey journey that explicitly echoes the Binding of Isaac, its chronicles events, unfolded before viewers of images of the inevitable confrontation between the believer's inner world and the silence of God are woven. "This is a classic tragedy in which the protagonist is punished for his pride," the director notes. "In contrast to the hero's hubris in Greek tragedies, whose sin is a lack of gratitude to the gods and his confidence in his power, in this film the hero's hubris is actually his belief in God and his absolute knowledge of him."


Director :
David Volach
Eyal Shiray
Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
Haim Tabakman
Assi Dayan, Sharon Hacohen, Ilan Griff