4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Directed by: Cristian Mungiu
Romania 2007
113 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew

Awarded to Golden Palm in Cannes 2007, Cristian Mungiu’s film has been considered by many as the obvious representative of the Romanian New Wave. Mungiu’s story, a combination black realism and fearsome portrait of life in Romania under the Ceausescu regime, which, among other things, strictly forbade abortions, spins the tale of a young woman (Laura Vasiliu) desperate to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy and her energetic girlfriend (Anamaria Marinca) who comes to her help, finds the illegal abortionist willing torid her of her problem for a respectable price, and of all the troubles involved in the process, which throw a grim, unflattering, often shocking light on that period. 

Director :
Cristian Mungiu
Oleg Mutu, Cristian Mungiu for Mobra Films
Oleg Mutu
Dana Bunescu
Anamaria Marinca, Laura Vasiliu, Vlad Ivanov, Alex Potocean, Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Adi Carauleanu
Courtesy by:
Voodo Films