A Gentle Creature
Directed by: Sergei Loznitsa
France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands 2017
143 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew

A woman who lives in a small Russian receives the parcel she sent to her husband, serving a sentence in prison accompanied by a cryptic stamp saying: Return to Sender. Confused and angered, she insists to find why her package was returned to her and tries to reach him in jail. It is the beginning of a never-ending odyssey taking her across the vast Russian plains, to face the brutality, indifference, corruption and dissolution ruling at every stage of her journey. A visually stunning and imaginative movie, Loznitsa's film offers eloquent political statements and a desolate picture of the dehumanized Russian society. 

Sergei Loznitsa born 1964 in Belarus, then still part of the Soviet Union, moved at an early age to Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied mathematics at the Politechnic Institute, showing great promise as a scientist. He went on to the Gerassimov Film Institute in Moscow, under the supervision on Georgian director Nana Dzordjadzdze. Specialized in documentaries (he has completed until now 17 feature lengths ones), he has also made four feature films, "My Joy" (2010), "In the Fog" (2012) and "Gentle Creature" (2017) and “Donbass” (2018) all of them selected by Cannes for their competition.


Screened at the 6th Arava International Film Festival (2017)

Director :
Sergei Loznitsa
Oleg Mutu
Danielius Kokanauskis
Vladimir Golovnitsky
Vasilina Makovtseva, Marina Kleshcheva, Lia Akhedzhakova, Valeriu Andriuta, Boris Kamorzin
Courtesy by:
Lev Cinemas