Winged Migration
Thursday, 17:15, 08.11.18

Shot over a period of four years, this documentary follows several species of migratory birds, traveling several hundreds - sometimes even thousands - of miles toward the equator in the autumn, and returning back to the north in the spring, to spend the summer there more info

The Sisters Brother
Thursday, 19:00, 08.11.18

Based on Canadian author Patrick deWitt's award-winning novel, The Sisters Brothers tells the knockabout story of two notorious assassins, Eli and Charlie Sisters (John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix). Tough, unscrupulous and cynical, the paircriss-cross the Far West at the height of the Gold Rush of 1851, chasing the crooks who dared cheat their fearsome boss more info

C'est ca l'amour (Real Love)
Thursday, 21:30, 08.11.18

A distressed father of two gets involved in community theater when his wife leaves him in this tender family drama, the first solo effort by French filmmaker Claire Burger, who won the Camera d’Or in Cannes in 2014 for Party Girl, co-directed with Marie Amachoukeli and Samuel Theis more info

Tito and the Bird
Friday, 17:15, 09.11.18

Using oil paintings, digital drawings, and graphic animation, the three Brazilian directors tell the story of a young boy who sets out, with his two friends, to find his father’s missing research on bird songs — the one thing that just might save their world from an epidemic where being afraid makes you ill more info

Cold War
Friday, 19:00, 09.11.18

Pawel Pawlikowski's new film is a passionate love story between a composer drafted after WWII to work for the Polish national folklore ensemble, and a young girl, who quickly becomes the ensemble's leading star. Shot in black and white more info

Leave No Trace
Friday, 21:15, 09.11.18

Fifteen-year-old Tom lives with her father Will, a war veteran suffering from PTSD, in the woods on the edge of Portland.Voluntary isolation from “normal society” and modern culture, they create a radically alternative way of life, only venturing into town for supplies more info

Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud
Saturday, 17:15, 10.11.18

This is Claude Sautet's last film and many noticed the physical resemblance between the director himself and Michel Serrault, who plays M. Arnaud in this picture. This is often considered Sautet's most personal picture, a delicate and intimate story of relations introduced with the utmost subtlety more info

Saturday, 19:45, 10.11.18

A minimalist, almost documentary, slice of life, shot in the vast, snow-covered wide open wastelands of the North Pole, Milko Lazarov's film offers what may be the purest love story of the year, between two old people, living on their own, many miles away from any other human beings, having weathered together many a storm more info

The Dive
Saturday, 21:30, 10.11.18

Yona Rozenkier’s semi-autobiographical family drama, in which he assumes one of thethree leads, the other two played by his real life brothers, presents a microcosm of present day Israel’s many fault-lines, conflicts and crises.The story follows three brothers, who following the death of their father, come back to the kibbutz where they were born and raised more info

Screening attended by the director
2001: A Space Odyssey
Sunday, 17:15, 11.11.18

Fifty years after its first screening, Stanley Kubrick's scientific and philosophical space journey into the future, remains one of the greatest achievements of world cinema. A trip through human history starting millions of years ago when man was little more than an ape walking on all fours, and traveling all the way into the future more info

Diary of My Mind
Sunday, 20:15, 11.11.18

Originally one of four dramas based on real life incidents, in a series entitled "Shock Waves", Ursula Meier's film stood out and achieved recognition as a unique portrayal of a case which shocked all of Switzerland some nine years ago. Short and to the point, it is the story of a boy who shoots both his parents more info

Sunday, 21:30, 11.11.18

This is the directorial debut of Muzaffer Ozdemir, the Cannes award-winning lead actor of Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Distant/Uzak (2002). In many respects a personal film, it’s the story of an architect, Dogan, pessimistic and neurotic, who falls ill while camping out of town in the company of his friends more info

Screening attended by the director
Monday, 17:15, 12.11.18

Seventeen-year-old Yusuf returns to his family after four years in jail, uneasily reuniting with his mother, his despotic uncle, and above all, with his older brother Ramazan. The act that put him in prison remains unspecified for a significant part of the film more info

Woman at War
Monday, 19:30, 12.11.18

Here comes another social satire by one of Iceland's most biting and committed filmmakers, dealing this time with the destruction of Iceland's natural heritage by the industrial developers invading it. The protagonist, Halla, a choir master who loves her job, has just been informed she's been approved to adopt a child from a war-torn area in Ukraine more info

Legend of the Demon Cat
Monday, 21:30, 12.11.18

A nonpareil visual feast from one of the leading filmmakers of China, this historical pageant taking place in ancient times is one of the most expensive productions ever made in China, possibly the most expensive one. Director Chen Kaige planned and supervised the construction of a set comprising a whole city more info

Turkish Shorts
Tuesday, 17:15, 13.11.18

A special screening of four short films by young Turkish directors, who will be attending and presenting their films more info

Tuesday, 18:15, 13.11.18

The third feature film of leading Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, was his first international success, winning countless awards at festivals around the world, including the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Acting Award at the Cannes Film Festival. A minimalist, intimate and tremendously controlled picture more info

BaBa ZuLa
Tuesday, 21:00, 13.11.18

The unrivalled masters of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music, BaBa ZuLa go to great lengths to provide their followers with a unique experience both on their live shows and their recordings. By mixing oriental instruments such as the electric saz, darbuka,  and spoons with electronics and modern sounds more info

Un Coeur en Hiver
Wednesday, 17:15, 14.11.18

Sautet's penultimate movie combines his profound affection for music and his observation of human nature, in one of his most mature, subtle and nuanced features. Partners in a highly regarded violin-making and repair shop more info

Never Look Away
Wednesday, 19:45, 14.11.18

Inspired by the early life and career of renowned contemporary artist Gerhard Richter, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others) once again looks into the dark corners of his country's recent history. Postwar East Germany provides fertile ground for exploring the role of the individual within a totalitarian system that disregards the rights of its citizens more info

Vincent, François, Paul and the Others
Thursday, 17:15, 15.11.18

This is a key work in the filmography of Claude Sautet, a masterful choral portrait of middle-class France, focusing on the mid-life personal, professional and social life of a few close friends whose relations are bound to be affected by each other's problems more info

Of Horses and Men
Thursday, 19:45, 15.11.18

One of themost clever, successful and delightful Icelandic movies of recent years, the film was Iceland's entry for the 2013 Best Foreign Language Oscars and was awarded Best Film at the Tromsø Film Festival in Norway. In his debut feature, Benedikt Erlingsson closely observes life in aremote Icelandic valley more info

The River
Thursday, 21:30, 15.11.18

Kazakh filmmaker Emir Baigazin, whose earlier film, "Harmony Lessons", won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for its artistic contribution, deals again, in his own rigorous style, with family life, focusing on five young brothers who lead secluded lives under the strict watch of their controlling father more info

American Animals
Friday, 17:15, 16.11.18

A sleek,mesmerizing, second film by British director Bart Layton, this is a visual tour de force recounting a true story on several levels, replaying the events in all their details using actors and shooting the whole thing as a real-life thriller, adding at the same time present reactions of the four protagonists' parents and of the real protagonists themselves more info

Screening attended by the director
Friday, 19:30, 16.11.18

A family that isn’t really a family adopts a little girl without asking her parents' permission in Horikazu Koreeda's latest film, “Shoplifters”, this year's winner of the Cannes Golden Palm. After one of their frequent shoplifting expeditions more info

A Faithful Man
Friday, 21:45, 16.11.18

In his second directorial feature, Louis Garrel (The DreamersRedoubtable), one of France's best known young actors, plays the central character, Abel, a Parisian  who is told in the film's first scene by his girlfriend, Marianne (Laetitia Casta), that she is pregnant, but not by him more info

The Grinch
Saturday, 17:15, 17.11.18

The Grinch is a fictional green character created by Dr. Seuss, best known as the main character of the children's book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957). Usually portrayed as a spectacularly Ill-tempered and bitter creature, he is a familiar character in children's literature more info

Short in the Desert 6
Saturday, 19:30, 17.11.18
Tel-Aviv on Fire
Saturday, 21:30, 17.11.18

Best Film award winner in Israeli Feature Film Competition of Haifa International Film Festival 2018. Salam, a charming 30-year-old Palestinian living in Jerusalem, works as an intern on the popular Palestinian soap opera Tel Aviv on Fire, produced in Ramallah more info