4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Awarded to Golden Palm in Cannes 2007, Cristian Mungiu’s film has been considered by many as the obvious representative of the Romanian New Wave more info

A Gentle Creature

A woman who lives in a small Russian receives the parcel she sent to her husband, serving a sentence in prison accompanied by a cryptic stamp saying: Return to Sender more info

A night at the Opera

No relation whatsoever to the Marx Bros. movie, Sergei Loznitsa’s short, to believe one of his associates, is the happiest one he’s made yet. Using black and white  more info


Oleg, a highly skilled paramedic with the heart of a child is married to Katya, a hard-working doctor who is gradually fed up with her husband's rejection of the conventional system  more info

Avanti Popolo

Many consider this the best Israeli film ever. Produced in 1986 as a wild private venture by a team of students from the Film Department of the Tel Aviv University, this amazingly more info

Dear Comrades

It might be tempting to label this as yet another satire of the Soviet regime, if not for the tragic events it depicts and the similarity it bears to some of the tragedies taking place in our times more info

Dinner in America

Simon, an on-the-lam punk rocker, from a dull little town in central US, finds himself on the run from the police, again. a chance encounter with young and eccentric Patty provides more info


Sergei Loznitsa’s “Donbass”, was presented two years ago in Cannes and displayed in a series of masterfully directed 13 episodes, loosely connected to each other more info


Fúsi is a 43 year old who weighs 150 pounds, or even more. He works as ground staff, unloading luggage at Reykjavik airport.  He is extremely talented  more info


Romeo is a doctor who raises his daughter Eliza to be honest and studious so she may, having graduated, leave and find a better future for herself. His plan almost works, until one day, before Eliza's more info


A family drama based on the true and touching story of Maria Sodahl, filmmaker and director of ‘Hope’, sharing her personal experiences on screen in a smart and sensitive way more info

Kings and Queen

There is a big gap between what people think about themselves and tell other people, and what the others think and tell about them. Desplechin’s award-winning movie  more info

Kirikou and the Sorceress

A little voice is heard from inside the womb of a pregnant woman: "Mother give me birth". "A child who can speak from his mother's womb can give birth to himself" more info


A widowed aeronautics engineer, who has lost his job, travels with his son hopping freight trains from Moscow to Koktebel, a town by the Black Sea, to start a new life more info


Ever since his first international success, "The Return" (2003, Venice Golden Lion), Andrey Zvyagintsev has focused on portraits of family life in Russia, attacking it in each one more info

Moon Man

If only the Moon Man realized just how much children love him, but he fails to perceive it. All he does is sit on the moon, alone, and terribly bored. One night a falling star more info

My Father My Lord

Film director David Volach’s first full-length film is a low-budget production and was shot in just eight days of filming. Immediately on release in 2007, the film won fantastic more info

My Golden Years

 Paul Dédalus is preparing to leave Tajikistan and on his way he remembers his childhood in Roubaix, his mother’s attacks of madness, the bond that united him and his brother Ivan more info

My Life as a Courgette

Nine-year old Icare, better known by his nickname, Zucchini, lives with his mother. But when she dies in an accident, he is taken by a kind-hearted policeman to an orphanage more info

Never gonna snow again

A masseur from the East enters the lives of the rich residents of a bland, walled off community. Despite their wealth, the residents emit an inner sadness, a longing more info

Noi Albinoi

A remote community in Northern Iceland, hemmed in by the mountains and the sea and disconnected all through the long winter from the rest of the country more info


Ali, a young Palestinian, comes to Israel for a home visit after a long absence. Following a cold welcome, he decides to seek peace for a few days in the desert of Sinai more info

Police Adjective

Corneliu Porumboiu’s second feature film facetiously pretends to be a police story. As a matter of fact, it is but whoever will see only that and nothing else more info


A family that isn’t really a family adopts a little girl without asking her parents' permission in Horikazu Koreeda's latest film, SHOPLIFTERS, this year's winner of the Cannes Golden Palm. After one of their frequent shoplifting expeditions, Osamu and his son collect a little girl they find on the street more info


This Icelandic film was first screened in Toronto last year and only a couple of weeks later, it was awarded the Golden Shell, the premier prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Since then he has toured every single festival around the world collecting additional awards along the way. This is the story of Ari, a 16 year old boy more info

Still Walking

Once a year, the Yokoyama family reunites in the country home of their parents to commemorate the death of the eldest son, who accidentally drowned 12 years ago more info


The name of Sylwia Zajac’s profession seems to be fitness motivator, something that has gone way out of the gym and into big malls and open spaces more info

The Celebration

"Festen” (In Celebration - 1998) is the first feature film released by the Dogme 95 movement, started in 1995 by two Danish filmmakers, Lars von Trier and אhe film’s director more info

The Hunt

Lucas, a preschool teacher,is falsely accused of sexually abusing a child in his class, Handling the story in a realistic, matter of fact way, the film does not allow its more info

The Postman’s White Nights

A cinematic poem blends image, music, locations and characters into a unique fresco of old Russia, still alive in some far away, forgotten corners of this immense more info

The Return

Ivan and his older brother Andrei, who live with their mother and grandmother, have grown a deep attachment to each other to make up for their fatherless childhood more info

The Whistlers

Cristi is a seasoned Romanian policeman who also nurtures close, not to mention, illegal, ties with the local mafia. One day, Gilda, a mysterious young woman more info

Three Arava Stories

Three short and extraordinary films from the Arava International Film Festival’s Signature Project - Short in the Desert. Three different perspectives, from three different directors more info

Under the open sky

An exploration of the tensions, insecurities, small joys, and frustrations experienced by Mikami (Koji Yakusho), a middle-aged ex-yakuza who must adjust to his “new normal” more info


If this film had not been released one year before Haneke’s prize-winning “Amour”, everyone would have accused young Icelandic filmmaker Runar Runarsson more info

Waltz with Bashir

Award-winning, acclaimed, and controversial, "Waltz with Bashir" is one of the films that has left a unique and unusual mark on Israeli cinema, changing it beyond recognition more info


Based on a BBC documentary series "Beautiful Young Minds", British director Morgan Matthews' original film appeals to a multi-age audience, focusing on an English mathematical more info