My Life as a Courgette
Directed by: Claude Barras
Switzerland, France 2016
70  Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

Nine-year old Icare, better known by his nickname, Zucchini, lives with his mother. But when she dies in an accident, he is taken by a kind-hearted policeman to an orphanage which turns out to be different from all the depressing institutions usually depicted in children’s books. Sure enough, every kid there has a sad story to tell, as sad as Icare's, but somehow every one of them has their own gift, their own endearing features, and they all faithfully believe in the rule of "one for all and all for one.” So, when the kind policeman returns with an offer to adopt Icare - the dream of every orphan in the world - the boy, who’s not sure he likes being separated from his friends, can't really make up his mind.  A delightful animation story which took Cannes by surprise this year and has already won the Best Film Award at the celebrated Annecy Animation Festival. Recently it has been selected to represent Switzerland for this year's Foreign Language Oscar competition.

Claude Barras – Best known for the TV series The Genius in the Ravioli Box which was successfully sold all over the world, and received many awards in the process, Claude Barras is famous for his talent to make his audience – regardless of their age - laugh and cry, by expertly merging realism with fantasy, humor and poetry. He has dreamed of adapting Gilles Paris'  Autobiography d'une Courgette from the day he read it.


Screened at the 5th Arava International Film Festival (2016)

Director :
Claude Barras
David Toutevoix
Sophie Hunger
Courtesy by:
Indie Sales, France