Directed by: Magnus von Horn
Poland, Sweeden 2020
105 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew

The name of Sylwia Zajac’s profession seems to be fitness motivator, something that has gone way out of the gym and into big malls and open spaces, with the star of the show, a luscious, young, curvy blonde, driving all her adoring fans around her to jump up and down and sideways, all of them secretly hoping to look one day like she does. Every time she is out of their sight, they follow her Instagram, watch her every smile, listen to the constant stream of self-conscious nonsense she takes care to deliver constantly for their benefit and swallow up all the bits of publicity she squeezes in between suggestions of make-up and mini-skirts, publicity for which she is handsomely paid. “Sweat” is the account of three days in the life of Miss Zajac, gloriously and energetically performed by a young Polish actress, Magdalena Kolesnik, already on the way to become an international star, three days during which she never rests for a moment, in between her cloying admirers, demanding agent, occasional boyfriend and the suspicious stalker parking his car under her windows.Its life at the top including the price to pay for it.

Magnus von Horn – born in 1987 in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a writer and director who studied cinema at the famous Lodz Film School in Poland. His debut film, “Hereafter” (2015) was crowned Best Film of that year in both Poland and Sweden, the two countries which coproduced it. “Sweat”, his second feature, was selected this year by the Cannes Film Festival, but once the festival was cancelled because of the pandemic, its first public screening was at the Toronto Festival.

Director :
Magnus von Horn
Mariusz Wlodarski
Michal Dymek
Agnieszka Glinska
Piotr Kurek
Magdalena Kolesnik, Julian Swiezewski, Aleksandra Konieczna
Courtesy by:
New Europe Film Sales