Three Arava Stories
60 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

Three short and extraordinary films from the Arava International Film Festival’s Signature Project - Short in the Desert.

Three different perspectives, from three different directors.


Our Way Back – Moshe Rosenthal

Living surrounded by a natural environment that is wide open, the closed-mindedness of the social environment can lead an individual to take risks.

Uri, a family man living in the Arava, has a secret relationship with Oded, a young man from the Moshav. The two go on a desert trek together, and are forced to deal with the tragic consequences of their relationship.

Cast: Lior Ashkenazi, Shahar Netz

Kilometer 147 – Boaz Frankel

A satire of human nature spiraling out of control following a routine desert accident.
The body of a camel lies in the middle of the Arava Road, exactly at the 147th kilometer, right on the border line between the jurisdictions of two towns. Neither is willing to take responsibility for the body.

Cast: Menashe Noy, Rotem Keinan, Sasi Mato


Donkeys in the Holy Land – David Volach

The desert environment – quiet, enduring, encounters man, and at once turns wild and violent.
Desert, sand, water, metal, dolphins, engines, donkeys, a stampede, a way, plains, a road, on the side of the road