Short in the desert 2020


Ali, a young Palestinian, comes to Israel for a home visit after a long absence.
Following a cold welcome, he decides to seek peace for a few days in the desert of Sinai, Egypt, before he will have to deal with the harsh return to the place he has left behind more info

Short in the desert 2018

Big Cats

Yehuda Har’el is a veteran student of Israel’s desert leopards (panther pardusnimr). Their Israeli population is believed to have become extinct long since, but he keeps hoping for their return. Recently Har’el has discovered the tracks of a new leopard and he intends to go in search of the new arrival more info


It’s Dana’s bachelorette party, she’s getting married in two days. A pink swan floats across a turquoise pool, against a desert backdrop. The girls are pretty and drunk, the music loud. As the party continues, we witness a miasma of lies and concealments spread and poison the atmosphere more info

Short in the desert 2017

The 147 kilometer

The body of a camel lies in the middle of the Arava Road, exactly at the 147th kilometer, right on the border line between the jurisdictions of two towns. Neither is willing  to take responsibility for the body more info

On The Way Back

Uri, a family man living in the Arava, has a secret relationship with Oded, a young man from the Moshav. The two go on a desert trek together, and are forced to deal with the tragic consequences of their relationship more info

Short in the desert 2016

Heat Stroke

Chen and her mother, Vicky, make their way to Eilat. Only Vicky has some other plans…more info


"Arava, Desert, Water, Steel, Dolphins, Engines, Donkeys, Galloping, Road, Plateau, Mountain, Way, On the Highroad" more info

Stranger of the Dunes

An Eritrean refugee emerges from the desert into a small rural community in the Arabah region of Israel. He yearns to belong, but is haunted by his past, and wanders between his desire to hold on to the memory of the lover he left behind and the reality in which he finds himself more info

Short in the desert 2015

Shark Tooth

Ora (57) joins an awareness workshop in the desert, trying to get closer to her daughter Tali (34), after many years of being incommunicado. During the course of the workshop, dark elements emerge from their past and forces Ora to deal with their painful implications read more >

Bus Stop

Eyal (28), on his way to Eilat on a company trip, asks his father, who lives in the desert, to meet him at a bus station on the way, to discuss with him an important decision that could change his life more info