Short in the desert 2017

The 147 kilometer
On The Way Back

Short in the desert 2016

Heat Stroke

Director: Adi Shenar 


Director: David Wallach

Stranger of the Dunes

Director: Tamar Baruch

Short in the desert 2015

Shark Tooth

Ora (57) joins an awareness workshop in the desert, trying to get closer to her daughter Tali (34), after many years of being incommunicado. During the course of the workshop, dark elements emerge from their past and forces Ora to deal with their painful implications read more >

Bus Stop

Eyal (28), on his way to Eilat on a company trip, asks his father, who lives in the desert, to meet him at a bus station on the way, to discuss with him an important decision that could change his life. The confrontation between father and son reveals the abyss separating them and the generation gap that cannot be bridged in the short time the bus stops in a station.